The Landscape Ethics Studio is based in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) within the Faculty of Applied Science (APSC) at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The Studio welcomes collaborations from all disciplines within UBC and beyond the university. Past collaborators have joined from the departments of landscape architecture, architecture, design, engineering, and cognitive science, as well as from outside the university, including Harvard University Graduate School of Design, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee School of Architecture & Urban Planning, and Dalhousie University Faculty of Architecture and Planning.

An expression of interest can be sent to

2021 - 2022
Studio Members
Stacy (Sitian) Chen, MLA
Roxane Grégoire, MArch
Charlotte Kennedy, MArch
Rachel Killoh, MArch
Kristina Kozlitina, BDes
Joshua Lee, BASc
Sherry (Chenxi) Lin, MLA
Changwei Qiu, MLA
Kelsey Reddekopp, MArch
Xuning Wang, COGS
Emily Wildfong, MArch
Shuang Zhao, MLA

Thesis Projects
Connor Arms, MArch. A Gardener’s Approach [ link ]
Madison Bartsch, MArch. Synthetic Worlds [ link ]
Allison Brown, MLA. Weedy Matters
Kerry Gibson, MLA. Gentle Violence
Berend Kessler, MLA. Fields of Play
Emily Wildfong, MArch. Drawing [with/as/by] Karst [ link ]
Beau Wuthrich, MLA. Overlapped [ link ]
Yaying Zhou, MLA.Order Out of Chaos
2020 - 2021
Studio Members
Roxane Grégoire, MArch
Diana Guo, MLA
Jiahui Hwang, MLA
Kendra Scanlon, MLA
Jordan Yule, MLA
Noora Yunus, MLA

Thesis Projects
Brendan Buchanan Dee, MArcLA. Design Before Extinction [ link ]
James Hock, MArch. Water Walk [ link ]
Sahar Khelifa, MLA. A Ghost of the Anthropocene [ link ]
Mason Lam, MLA. Pleasurably Painful [ link ]
Heesuk Lee, MArch. Window Voyeur
Ali-Cassandra Leiva, MArch. Interfaces [ link ]
Lee Patola, MArcLA.The Lawn was Two Feet Tall [ link ]
Brandon Schwartz, MArcLA. Inoculating Architecture [ link ]
Jiling Wang, MLA. Reconciliation with the Cats [ link ]
Meredith Yee, MArch. The City as Zoo [ link ]
2019 - 2020
Studio Members
Brendan Buchanan Dee, MArcLA
Alessandro Colavecchio, OLIN
Selina Chau, MLA
June Geyer, ENDS
Kim Luttich, MArch
Grace Morazzani, MLA
Gabriella Poncet, MArch
Halley Sveinson, MArch
Shasha Wang, MArch
Hussam Zbeeb, MArch

Thesis Projects
Colin Jones, MLA. Back to the Woods [ link ]
Yilang (Karen) Kang, MArch & Divine Ndemeye, MLA. Bujumbura 2050 [ link ]
Ada Sakowicz, MArch. For the Forest, See the Trees [ link ]
Calvin Tan, MLA. -Waste +Substrate [ link ]
David Meiklejohn, MArch & Alena Pavan, MArch. {WIP} [ link ]
2018 - 2019
Studio Members
Zoli Chan, MLA
Candy (Huijing) Chen, MLA
Retaw (Shijia) Liu, MArch
Shaheed Karim, MLA

Thesis Projects
Rebecca Anderson, MLA. Images for Earthly Survival [ link ]
Sam McFaul, MArcLA. The Red Herring Impetus [ link ]
Farwa Sadiq-Zadah, MArch. Restorative Infrastructure in Afghanistan
Dana Salama, MArch. Above Ground Level [ link ]
Celia Winters, MLA. Spaces for Witness [ link ]
2017 - 2018
Studio Members
Dana Salama, MArch

Thesis Projects
Erin Boa-Brown, MLA. Landscapes of Exclusion
Joe Gaudreau, MArch. BOOM or bust
Wendy Huang, MLA. Market Ecology
Aaron Logan, MArch. Reconnected
Sebastien Roy, MArch. Four Monumentations of the Spratly Archipelago
Jaclyn Simon, MLA. The City Soil Project
Jared Skoreyko, MArch. Land as Agent: Architecture in the Process of Reconciliation
Reihaneh Sobhani, MLA. Industrial by Nature